GoSplit Refund Policy
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If you encounter the problem during your usage of subscription and do not accept the solution that customer service proposed and request a refund, the following is the refund policy:
1. Refund rules for prepaid subscriptions
Prepaid products include: Spotify, Disney+, IPTV Pro, IPTV18+.

1. The subscription of the prepaid product is within 48 hours of the order creation and the order is in Trail status, and refund applications are supported.

*Example: Your order was created at 08:00 on January 1, 2022, and you can apply for a refund before 08:00 on January 3, 2022.

2. 48 hours after the order for prepaid products is created, the order status will be Completed. If you request the customer service to refund you due to personal reasons, this behavior has violated GoSplit’s refund policy and T&C. GoSplit will ban your GoSplit account according to the situation.
2. Refund rules for non-prepaid subscriptions
Non-prepaid products include: Netflix, YouTube, Tidal, Paramount+, Crunchyroll, HBOMAX, Deezer, Prime Video, Apple Music, Office365.

1. The order status will be changed from Trail to Completed 10 days before the subscription expires, and we will no longer accept your refund request.

2. Please confirm that your order status is Trail, orders with other statuses do not support refunds.

3. Orders in the Refunded and Refund application status do not support applying for a refund again.

4. If you request the customer service to refund you when the order is in the Compeleted state due to personal reasons, GoSplit will ban your account as appropriate because this behavior has violated GoSplit's refund policy and T&C.

Reminder: We will remove your account from the YouTube premium family group after your YouTube subscription is refunded. After your YouTube account is removed, you will not be able to join other premium family plans. Please be careful to apply for a refund.
3. Resller refund rules
If the reseller has a refund request,Please contact our online customer service, and we will have a specialist to communicate with you and solve your refund requirements.
4. The principle of refund amount
The amount of refund you will get = order amount/total duration of the order * remaining time of the order-the handling fee required for payment and refund (determined according to the payment and refund rules of each payment channel)

If you encounter any problems, you can contact our online customer service

Thank you for your support and understanding, and I wish you a pleasant shopping experience at GoSplit!

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